I'm a Sr. Designer at smallcase leading stock analysis and personal finance. I was at CRED before that, where I designed Bill Payments 0-1 and a new surface - Pay, that expanded and consolidated its line of payment products. — Email me 📩

Best projects

Analysis and personal finance at smallcase | 5M+ users

I am helping strategise and ship UX improvements to Tickertape, the market analysis tool, like Market Page, MF Portfolio Insights, Unified Import, and Onboarding which increased retention by 15%, and free-to-paid conversion by 8% in 2023. I am also leading the end to end design of a new initiative to ease personal finance.

Bill Payments 0-1 at CRED | 16M+ users

We created 24 new payment categories like insurance, electricity, and mobile recharge spanning 400+ merchants in India. And innovated an age-old workflow to enable instant checkout. I led the design discovery, delivery, and launch. CRED has grown from 9 million to over 16 million users since then.

Reward construct at Unacademy | 50M+ users

We designed a new reward construct in our live classes to improve engagement. I led the end-to-end design.


Interaction Design · UI Design · Prototyping · Typography · Design System · Usability Testing · Journey Mapping · Storytelling · Product Thinking · Clear Communication · Figma · Framer · Principle · React


Instagram for education

What if we replaced doom scrolling with micro-learning on social apps by making the "next content" predictable? Say an Instagram for cooking, sports, travel …