Designer of sorts 💿 Crafting simple and useful digital spaces for humans.



Design & Product at CRED


Interned at Unacademy


Lucknow, India


Reward experience for live classes in Unacademy

Gamifying the experience for a community of over 500,000 learners. It had two parts, first building a reward system on top of the class leaderboard to gratify learners with a performance-based "Achievement Card", and second a way to let them share it online. I owned this project on the design side - concept, visuals, interaction, and prototype.

Making educator tools accessible in Unacademy

ETX dealt with the educator's teaching experience. The task was to make the ETX whiteboard tools accessible with a bunch of cursor enhancements to have them indicate selection states in real-time. Educators conduct over 700 classes, daily. All come from diverse backgrounds and face difficulty in Ed-Tech almost every day. We were solving to help them teach more and troubleshoot less.

No Code Pages : build websites without coding

Indie hacked a tool that lets people make websites without writing codes. Launched in MAY 2020, No Code Pages has made over $4000 in revenue being used by 160+ people globally. Felt good to see a thing I built helping people make their first portfolio, resume, blog, and store. Ranked 🏅 4th on Product Hunt

Polls to simplify decision making on WhatsApp

24-hour design assignment I pulled off as a part of my internship hiring process for Razorpay. The project pitches a polling feature for WhatsApp designed around the idea of making group discussions more decisive. Had fun doing this.

Building an eCommerce store from scratch

Helped build an eCommerce MVP to test the idea for growth. My role was to lead the process as a single designer while helping developers with the front-end done on WordPress + WooCommerce. The project lasted for two months or so and the MVP generated 13 sales in the first week.

Redesigning a B2B landing for visual balance

I redesigned the landing page of a Berlin-based IT outsourcing company. Didn't research a lot, was driven by intuition. Had to deal with lengthy copies. Tried solving this with a good visual hierarchy and illustrations to balance the feel.


Digging into 3D and motion these days.

Weird thoughts. Calling this Metaverse.

More weird thoughts. This one is Timeless.

This never started the way it looks now.


UX ✹ Interaction ✹ Visual Design ✹ Design System ✹ Product Thinking ✹ Copywriting ✹ Research ✹ Agile ✹ Leadership


Hi, my name is Divya Kant Singh.

I am a product designer with a background in computers. I embrace context and helping people define requirements while also hitting artboards and the battles that follow. There are days I'll go beyond designing screens and hack a project of my own on the side. To me, design is about how technology feels beyond viability. And how well one leads the initiative.

I have a life as well. Where I am thinking through my evening walks, exploring new video games, clicking photos, reading system theory, or simply doing nothing. And I hope to start a brewery one day.

Working with me gets fun when my intuition and philosophies ignorant to the metric are also welcomed haha ✨

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