Sr. Product Designer at smallcase. Before that, I designed Bill Payments V0-1 at CRED and Pay V0 - a new surface to bring all the payment products together. Even before, I was at Unacademy.

Best work

5M+ users · Wealth suite · SaaS

I am leading the design of a new product to ease personal finance. And shipped UX improvements to the market analysis app - Tickertape like Market Page, Portfolio Insights, Unified Import, etc.

16M+ users · Super app · Unicorn

Bill Payment V0-1

We created 24 new payment categories like insurance, electricity, and mobile recharge spanning 400+ merchants in India. And innovated an age-old workflow to enable instant checkout. I led the discovery, delivery, and launch. CRED has grown from 9 million to over 16 million users since then.

NeoPOP Design System

I was fortunate to be a small part of CRED's gigantic brand redesign that led to CRED's fourth-generation design system - NeoPOP delivered in early 2022. You can read in detail about it - cred.club/design. I contributed new components and designed its token naming logic.

50M+ users · Learning app · Unicorn

Reward Construct

We designed a new reward construct in our live classes to improve engagement. I led the end-to-end design.

Educator Tools

Educators took undesired actions while using the sketching tools. So we enhanced its pointer graphics to indicate applied properties like fill, size, and type upfront for the tool selected.