Super-app with over 16 million users.

Bill Payment V0-1

I led the 0-1 design strategy, execution, and launch of Bill Payment. We created 24 new payment categories like insurance, electricity, and mobile recharge spanning 400+ merchants in India. And innovated an age-old workflow to enable instant checkout. CRED has grown from 9 million to over 16 million users since its launch.

Pay Surface V0-2

Early 2022: CRED announced a redesign to meet new business needs as a “super app”. Previously Rent, Education, bill, and Credit Card payments had different entry points and homes. In a crucial redesign of the main navigation, I designed CRED Pay V0 - a new surface to bring all payment products together. Our tactic was to improve the ToFu of this business, which increased by 40%.

Mid 2022: As we gained more insights, we continued to improve the UX. In Pay V2, our goal was to increase payment triggers with habit-forming mechanics to reduce our cost on discounts. During the early stages of discovery, we considered a 3D representation of a household to illustrate the narrative of home management on CRED as 90% of categories were linked to that. We ultimately dropped the idea due to scalability concerns and misalignment with future offerings.

Early 2023: As we got a hold on product direction, we designed a checklist for payments inspired by the 'inbox zero' archetype in emails. We combined this with the launch of CRED Flash (BNPL) and hit the market with a stronger GTM in early 2023.

Other things: 1. UI mechanic to throw light on new offerings - Spotlight. 2. a powerful announcement design that was not shipped due to being too pushy.

Transaction Framework

Mid 2022: CRED has over 8 business units now. All teams separately maintained transaction ledgers for their product as there was no aggregator service to consolidate all orders in one place. High back-end effort. And no design framework to fit all types. A problem that manifested as CRED scaled. I solved the framework part. Lobbied a little to get this through. But it's hard with something with no ROI besides hygiene and NPS.

Design System

Mid 2021: I was fortunate to be a small part of CRED's gigantic brand redesign that led to CRED's fourth-generation design system - NeoPOP delivered in early 2022. You can read in detail about it at I contributed new components and designed its token naming logic.


More details to follow soon!

Referral V4

Mid 2022: Packaging 'invite & earn' as 'play & earn' while the underlying mechanics remained the same. Referral journey has three steps - invite, sign-up, and payment. Previously, the referrer won a reward once the referee completed all the steps. Idea with this was to give rewards in parts after each step to ease anticipation. Later this got shelved and CRED Buzz was invented to achieve the same goal.

Leveling up was one approach we explored for the new referral. What you see is an orchestration of how I imagined the design. With each level comes higher rewards. While the number of steps to achieve the goal remains constant.

Collectibles was another approach we explored. Adidas dropped the Into The Metaverse NFTs at that time which got me inspired. The bottom half that looks like a timeline is quite interesting. We found a scalable option for what is internally called the Action Reward Framework.