16M+ users · Super app · Unicorn

Bill Payment 0-1

We created 24 new payment categories like insurance, electricity, and mobile recharge spanning 400+ merchants in India. And innovated an age-old workflow to enable instant checkout. I led the discovery, delivery, and launch. CRED has grown from 9 million to over 16 million users since then.

Pay Surface

Early 2022 : CRED announced a redesign to meet new business needs as a “super app”. Previously Rent, Education, Bill, and Credit Card payments had different entry points and homes. As part of the app navigation and IA changes, I designed CRED Pay V0 - a new surface to bring all payment products together. Our strategy was to improve the ToFu of this business, which increased by 40%.

Mid 2022 : As we gained more insights, we continued to improve the UX. In Pay V2, our goal was to increase payment triggers with habit-forming mechanics to reduce our cost on discounts. During the early stages of discovery, we considered a 3D representation of a household to illustrate the narrative of home management on CRED as 90% of categories were linked to that. We ultimately dropped the idea due to scalability concerns and misalignment with future offerings.

Early 2023 : As we got a hold on product direction, we designed a checklist for payments inspired by the 'inbox zero' archetype in emails. We combined this with the launch of CRED Flash (BNPL) and hit the market with a stronger GTM in early 2023.

Other things I designed - 1. UI mechanic named "Spotlight" to throw light on new offerings. 2. Powerful announcement design that was not shipped due to being too pushy.

NeoPOP Design System

Mid 2021 : I was fortunate to be a small part of CRED's gigantic brand redesign that led to CRED's fourth-generation design system - NeoPOP delivered in early 2022. You can read in detail about it - I contributed new components and designed its token naming logic.

Transaction Framework

Mid 2022 : CRED has over 8 business units now. All teams separately maintained transaction ledgers for their product as there was no aggregator service to consolidate all orders in one place. High back-end effort. And no design framework to fit all types. A problem that manifested as CRED scaled. I solved the framework part. Lobbied a little to get this through. But it's hard with something with no ROI besides hygiene and NPS.