Archies are my concepts, big & small, shipped & shelved, that I won't write about in detail. Thanks for patiently waiting while the videos load.

1. Spotlight is a UI mechanic to throw light on new offerings. 2. A powerful instrument for announcements that we killed for being too pushy, motion inspired by one of Atul's work.

A problem statement in Pay V2 was to double down on payment triggers. As discounts were finite, we required a new mechanic that could motivate users and was habit-forming. Inspired by the 'inbox zero' archetype in emails, we designed a checklist for payments.

In early discovery of Pay V2, we imagined a 3D view of a household. After a few iterations, we questioned the scalability and alignment with future offerings and dropped it.

CRED has over 8 lines of businesses now. Teams separately maintain transaction ledgers for their product as there is no aggregator service yet to consolidate all orders in one place. High back-end effort. And no design framework to fit all types. A problem that manifested as CRED scaled. I solved the framework part. Lobbied a little to get this through. But it's hard with something with no ROI besides hygiene and NPS.

Packaging 'invite & earn' as 'play & earn' while the underlying mechanics remained the same. Referral journey has three steps - invite, sign-up, and payment. Previously, the referrer won a reward once the referee completed all the steps. Idea with this was to give rewards in parts after each step to ease anticipation. Later this got shelved and CRED Buzz was invented to achieve the same goal.

Leveling up was one approach we explored for the new referral. What you see is an orchestration of how I imagined the design. With each level comes higher rewards. While the number of steps to achieve the goal remains constant.

Collectibles was another approach we explored. Adidas dropped the Into The Metaverse NFTs at that time. The bottom half that looks like a timeline is quite interesting. We found a scalable option for what is internally called the Action Reward Framework.

Read in detail about Utility Bill Payment from the homepage.

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